Radio, TV, Print OR Online Video best to advertise your business?

“You’re seeing a massive shift from traditional media into media you can measure….”

“Very traditional mass media campaign, print, television, radio – the challenge with those types of campaigns is that it takes time to understand whether it in fact worked effectively. ”

The shift to digital from traditional advertising is well underway, and businesses and brands of all sizes are taking notice.

Print Advertising Has Been On The Decline For 20 Years, digital ad revenue is set to surpass TV this year.. while ROI continues to decline across all traditional ad methods. The main reason…? Traditional Media Campaigns Can’t Offer one simple thing. Accurate measurement. Meanwhile, Online Video Marketing & Advertising Is Increasingly Effective At Measuring ROI.

“A decade ago you were looking launching a campaign spending millions of dollars and then testing to see if that campaign worked… today you are able to move on a dime… the biggest difference is of course, metrics are everything… you can’t manage what you can’t measure…”

Unlike most traditional media ad campaigns, where it’s a ‘set it and forget it’ attitude for the length of the campaign… online video campaigns offer real time results with the ability to tweak at any time. Optimized, monitored and updated efficiently, you really can bet on success when it comes to digital.

“You have immediate access to enormous amounts of information to be able to make real time decisions when it comes to product development, launching of campaigns, interacting with your customers.. Speed is the greatest advantage and now it’s an equalizer, regardless if you’re a multinational corporation or a one person start-up…”

“Entrepreneurs now have an opportunity to do to really exciting engagement with their customers and prospects at a much lower cost have than it might have taken in the past… it’s very easy to portray yourself as a professional and world class organization through social and digital media as opposed to maybe the old traditional ways of doing it..”

And when it comes to cost… shifting money to online video campaigns means a higher quality, more effective reach… at a lower cost.

“You can experiment and test whether it be… get real time cost effective feedback… so again you are going to be shifting money from traditional communications media into social media and digital media because of the ability to measure the return of those types of investments.”

With the digital vs traditional advertising opportunities available to businesses today, reaching out and connecting to consumers is easier and more effective than ever before.

“The other thing I would really invite businesses thinking about digital media, new media and online adding that to their marketing mix ~ there is a real opportunity to challenge what you conventionally do… both in the voice that your brand and organization takes and how you convey that voice how you convey messages, allow people to get to know you and build relationships…. there’s never been more opportunity to do that in the media we have available today.

Miss out… and you’ll likely find yourself disconnected.”

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