1 in 3 consumers use YouTube Video as their avenue to buy

Research posted by Google’s Retail Advertising blog has shown online shopping trends in 2012 were strongly influenced by web video. Calgary-based video production company, BizBOXTV, continues to meet the rising demand from their small and large business clients.

With the advent of web video, the landscape for retail shopping online has undergone a massive change. Google confirms 4 /10 shoppers who visit a store in person or online do so as a direct result of watching a video online.

“We’ve long been plugged into the growing trends when it comes to digital media and online video for our clients”, says Lisa Ostrikoff, former TV Journalist turned CEO of BizBOXTV. “I am pleased to see that already, 34% of potential buyers are encouraged to purchase after viewing an online video…” That’s more than double the influence a traditional TV ad has.

Google’s also confirms that 1/3 consumers use YouTube as their avenue to buy. They use online video as a tool to help make both large and small purchase decisions, and are increasingly using mobile devices to research and shop.

“What’s wonderful, is that an experience previously only available in-person and in-store, is now available online for shoppers… and this evolution presents a huge opportunity for businesses. We’re only going to see the relevance and importance of video increase over the next decade. Any business that pays attention to what’s happening online will be able to get and stay ahead of the curve” says Ostrikoff.

Hand in hand with Google’s findings, BizBOXV Calgary has seen an organic increase in demand for business and corporate web videos not only locally, but in other Canadian cities. “BizBOXTV has been fortunate to be able to keep it’s finger on the pulse of where all of *this* is going. I believe that, paired with our team’s unique TV news and journalism backgrounds, online video and online storytelling will continue to increase in demand. BizBOXTV’s future is bright” Ostrikoff says.

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