Online Video: Canadians Lead Viewership

Canada Online Video Production Calgary Edmonton Toronto Vancouver“A growing number of Canadians are tossing aside the remote control and TV guide, and turning to their personal computer or smart phone for entertainment. More Canadians watch videos online than any other nation, according to new research from comScore’s Media Metrix. The study revealed that 88 per cent of Canadians – with access to the Internet – watched an online video during the month of January.

Canada is a world leader in online video usage, said Bryan Segal, vice-president of comScore Canada. On a per capita basis, Canadians view more than 100 videos per viewer, per month. He said many Canadians are very tech-savvy and the popularity of online video stems from that. Other factors, such as the inclement weather, which leads people  to look for entertainment indoors, also contribute to the popularity of online video. Canada is also very well connected to the Web with better broadband access than most G7 countries, Segal said. Seventy-two per cent of Canadians are online each month.”

via ITBusiness

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