Online Video: Step Up + Step Out!

Cutting through the advertising clutter is the goal of any business – small, medium or large.  While many companies remain committed to what has worked in the past, some have taken to technology, and online / web video, to spread their message.  Their choice to “step up and step out” has placed those businesses, more often than not, directly in front of their target consumer.

If I told you about a new business today… a business that provides a product and service I truly felt would benefit you in some way.  What would you do?  Look in the phone book?  Check the newspaper for a 1/3 page ad? Listen to the radio for a :30 second commercial?

Of course not.

You are likely going to use the one thing you know best to provide the information you want, when you want  it.  That’s right – your search will begin with the “Internet”.  I can’t tell you the last time I saw the “Yellow Pages”. Well…actually…I can.  When I shoved the sucker to the top of our utility closet, along with some cassette tapes and a food dehydrator.

Some traditional forms of promotion such as phone books, consumer classifieds, and business publications have limited ability to speak on the specifics of a particular place of business with more than simple text.  If that new business I told you about had a website, you would visit it.  If that site contained nothing more than text… is it really of greater benefit to you than using that phone book?

When companies make use of online video on their website, they communicate the very best of their business to someone who wants to know more.  Professional, in-depth, educational and entertaining.  A business can truly work the value of video to their advantage when providing the “perfect pitch” to a unique visitor.  Consumers are online everyday, at work or at home (usually both).  While online, they are researching products and services that are of interest to them.  Why would anyone not make use of that pool of well positioned people to better promote their product or service via web video?

Advertising is successful when it goes beyond your competition and places your brand, product or service in the brain and heart of the buyer.  That’s the game.  When you can satisfy the current societal demand to keep information concise, relevant and engaging… and it just so happens it highlights your business specifically… you win.

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Todd Gallant, BizBOXTV