Online Video: Viral Isn’t Everything

Getting millions of online video views from people who aren’t interested in your product and don’t intend to purchase it doesn’t help you move the marketing effectiveness needle. Regardless of whether your online video goes viral, online video can be a strong marketing tool to add to your marketing mix.

Your marketing goals will probably fall into one of three major categories:

  • Improve branding, since viewers are used to seeing video presentations. While television advertising requires sizeable budgets, creative marketers can leverage current technologies (online video) to extend their brand cost effectively.
  • Increase sales by enticing consumers to purchase. This includes adding online video to your website to show customers how to use products or acting like a commercial to drive sales.
  • Expand customer engagement by letting viewers add comments and use your footage to create something of their own.

While having a viral online video production may be every marketer’s dream, a video’s impact isn’t just measured in views. It’s more important to attract and convert interested prospects to expand your brand and drive sales.

via ClickZ.