5 Reasons Not to Shoot a Business Video Yourself

Do you have a business and are considering shooting your video production, yourself?
Here are 5 main reasons not to… and 5 reasons why Video Production Services Company, BizBOXTV is a better bet:

Smartphone and camera makers all talk about how fast and easy it is to record amazing HD videos using their devices. With just a small device—that happens to be your phone as well— you can shoot a video that will amaze the world and make you a viral sensation on YouTube. Or maybe not.

Although it’s tempting to succumb to the allure of shooting and producing business and marketing videos yourself, there are lots of good reasons to bring in a professional for the job. From expertise to equipment to putting your best foot forward online, here are five reasons why you shouldn’t shoot your business videos yourself.

1. Your equipment isn’t good enough

Regardless of how great smartphone and point-n-shoot cameras are, they still can’t compare to professional equipment. Even if a pro shoots a video with an iPhone or a basic DSLR they don’t settle for the low-quality built in mic or whatever light happens to be available. Professionals always use a better, external mic for recording the sound. Professionals make sure that if the light isn’t right for a shoot, they have lights on hand to make sure everyone looks their best. Professionals invest in the right equipment to ensure that you look and sound your best. From better cameras to lights to mics, professionals have the tools that you just don’t have.

2. It’s tough to be objective

When you bring a consultant in to help you with a business challenge or opportunity, beyond their skills and experience, you rely on their objectivity to give you the perspective to help solve your problem. Professional videographers, producers, and editors have that distance to see and capture that special something in your business that you think is boring or ordinary—but is really the thing that sets you apart from everyone else. Professional objectivity helps make your video better in everything from choosing the right location to picking the right people to be on camera to how to tell your story in the best way possible.

3. It will take too long—your time is valuable

You know that person in the office who knows your CRM backwards and forwards? When you need something done fast, you turn to him or her. Professionals know exactly how to produce a video as quickly and efficiently as possible. From tricks of the trade to software to the skills that come from their years of experience, professionals know what they are doing and know how to do it quickly and correctly. Remember, this is also about your time when you need a video made. You are good at what you do—making your business successful. Consider the cost of lost productivity when you try to muddle through making a video in the midst of all your other tasks? Sure, saying “let’s just record this on my iPhone and edit in iMovie” sounds great at first, but when it’s taken days to complete and get right, what else could have been done with that time? Video on the cheap isn’t the answer either. You can always find a film student or a “professional amateur” friend to help you shoot the video, but there is value in doing it right. There is value in spending money to have a video you can be proud of and want to show off.

4. You could do more harm than help

That video you made, the one you think is great and everyone in the office loves, might look low budget and amateur in the cold, harsh world of YouTube. What you created might very well be great, but is it good enough to be the face of your brand online? Businesses don’t throw together websites and blogs anymore—and you can tell the ones that do. What do you think of a company with cheap self-printed businesses cards or a cookie-cutter website? You don’t take them as seriously as companies who invest time and money into their websites. You wonder, if they care so little about their own business, how well will they handle your business? Creating and posting a sub-par video for your business can do exactly the same thing in the minds of the people you are trying to reach and influence. What is the cost of that poor impression?

5. You’re not a pro

You are great at your job. You’ve spent years learning how to bend Excel to your will, make PowerPoint presentations powerful statements, or write brilliant words in Word. Videographers and producers have spent years honing their craft as well. They know how to light people so they look great. They know how to frame a shot that makes a scene just pop. They also know how to use their software to transform raw video into a complete story. Color, sound, music, titles, effects—all of these parts of video production take years to learn and perfect. It’s what videographers and editors live and breathe. No matter how great the video you shot on your own looks, it’s the touches that pros bring before and after the shoot that make the difference between okay and awesome.

Bottom line—Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should Your business is too important to take the cheap and easy way out. Yes, you can record videos on your iPhone or point-n-shoot camera sometimes and that’s okay, but most of the time it won’t be good enough. Not good enough compared to what a professional can produce. Not good enough compared to the cost of taking time away from you running your business. And probably not a video that you can be comfortable with being your business’ face online. In the end, the people who have the expertise and equipment to create and produce a great video for you are professionals. Anything else just isn’t good enough.

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