Hillhurst Hardware

Hillhurst Hardware is a family run business serving Calgary for over 60 years, in the heart of Kensington.
BizBOXTV had the pleasure of creating an initial 3 videos for Hillhurst Hardware, which happened to be one of BizBOXTV Calgary’s first web video clients.

Hillhurst Hardware – BizBOXTV Business Profile Video (MAIN) The first video we created for Hillhurst Hardware was it’s overalll “Business Profile” web video in which we interviewed the company’s owners, weaving on-location video together with photographs and graphics to accurately tell this business’s great local “story”. We at BizBOXTV put a focus on ‘Storytelling’ and Brand Journalism, and this client’s stories highlight this unique yet critically important approach.



Hillhurst Hardware – Specific Services Video #1 “On Site Service” Hillhurst Hardware’s second, breakout BizBOXTV video features it’s “On-Site Service” offerings, in which it’s mobile truck visits and delivers to Calgary work-sites. While this service was briefly mentioned in the profile video, this client (like many others) wanted to have separate videos highlighting individual services/features, for clients specifically looking or searching for this type of offering.


Hillhurst Hardware – Specific Benefit Video #1 “Quality Service” is something Hillhurst Hardware prides itself on, and has since it first opened. The client wanted to highlight the fact that it is a family-run business, emphasizing they treat customers differently than big-box stores might… and so they chose to produce a web video that features specifically this, to tell that story.


As mentioned above, Hillhurst Hardware was one of BizBOXTV Calgary’s very first clients upon launching our web video production service locally in 2009. We are so pleased they have been so happy with the videos we produced for them. Immediately upon completion, their BizBOXTV business videos were embedded on the front page of it’s website with the caption “Heach Yeah We’ve Got Videos”… where they still remain today:

Calgary Web Video Production - Hillhurst Hardware - BizBOXTV Videos

Hillhurst Hardware – BizBOXTV Video Client
3 BizBOXTV Videos Produced