Why Businesses Need Web Video, Now.

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By: Lisa Ostrikoff

Most small/medium business owners today say they don’t need a new marketing strategy, a branding review, and they definitely don’t want to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a 30-second TV commercial. Most of them are looking for a simple and effective way to explain who they are, what they do, and the value they offer. They don’t want a television commercial or an infomercial; instead, they need a video that is creative and uniquely their own. And what better time- the Internet now provides a video platform that not only has immense reach but is economical, accountable and reaches many consumers searching for exactly what they offer! Many businesses are picking up on this… so if you don’t want to be left behind, you should probably pay attention and get on-board the web video revolution.

Small / Medium Businesses are embracing Web Video at an astounding rate. Borrell Associates – a leading media research, consulting and project firm specializing in local Internet advertising – predicts that online video advertising will increase from 7% ($371 million) of local online ad spending to 35% ($5 billion) by 2012.


BizBOXTV’s logo in 2009 – Since then we’ve gone on to produce thousand of awesome web videos for clients! Are you next?

There’s a major difference between ‘commercials’ and web videos that authentically represent you  & your businessDifferent than your average online video ‘ad’, there’s a way to appeal to your consumers by providing information they are looking for. It’s really simple if you think about it. You run a

unique company that offers unique products & services… to communicate your value all you need to do is tell your story and offer the information your target is looking for. Give them what they want, create the emotional connection only web video can provide and watch your conversion rates soar. 

Keep it short & sweet. These types of profile/information web videos run between 30 seconds – 2 minutes and can be placed on your website, emailed out & distributed through a variety of online social networking sites, reaching millions of people every day. The uses are limitless, but length is critical- attention spans are getting shorter, and no one wants to sit through a 10 minute video if they’re looking for something specific. Capture your audience right from the beginning, and deliver your message in a concise way that is informative & entertaining.

It doesn’t have break the bank. Many ‘traditional’ production companies charge an arm and a leg for web videos of this type, as generally they’ll fall into their ‘corporate video’ structure. Through our research, many production companies across North America are charging anywhere from $10 thousand- $40 thousand for 60 SECONDS of video… which obviously doesn’t make sense for the majority of businesses today, regardless of their size.

Get more bang for your buck, with BizBOXTV Web Video production. Serving online video clients in Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Vancouver… & across North America. Are you next to Broadcast Your Brand™?


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BizBOXTV was created with you in mind. We create engaging web video content that appeals to the masses, and we do it in a cost-effective way so small businesses are able to make an investment into it. Don’t think for a second quality is compromised because you’re getting a great deal either… our company is built upon decades of Major Market Media experience, and therefore often approach our videos differently than traditional production companies. You won’t find that anywhere else. We know what we’re doing, and why. We’re about connecting with you, the business owner, and translating your message into a compelling web video production that speaks directly to your target audience. Hands down, unlocking the power of online video will prove to be the single most effective marketing tool you’ve ever come across. It’s simple. It’s fun. And it just makes sense.