Davenport Motorsports

davenport-motorsports-calgary-web-video-production-BizBOXTVwww.davenportmotorsports.com Calgary Web Video – Davenport Motorsports is Canada’s premier location for high-performance automotive servicing, parts and installation. With over 30  years experience supercharging domestic vehicles and providing custom performance packages coupled with top quality service in Calgary, why trust anyone else?

The Davenport Story
Davenport Motorsports is one of Canada’s longest running automotive performance facilities. Whether you are looking to supercharge your dream, or simply fine-tune your ride, our team of professional and enthusiastic sales staff and technicians are always on hand to assist you in meeting all of your performance parts and accessory needs.

Over the years Davenport has built its name around supercharging vehicles across a wide range of platforms. From thoroughbred performance vehicles like late model Corvettes, Camaros, and Challengers, to late model trucks and SUV’s including such fine examples as Cadillac Escalades and Ford Raptors, our depth and experience in supercharging is simply unmatched.

Today, with our expertise in automotive performance you will find that we can do any performance upgrade from a simple add on like an air intake and exhaust system, to heads and cam packages, to performance suspension upgrades and custom wheel and brake kits. Adding to our experience, we also offer ECU tuning and performance modifications for select import and exotic vehicles.

At Davenport we pride ourselves in having the industry’s top standard facilities at our disposal. Equipment such as our Dynojet™ Chassis Dynamometer, with air/fuel monitor and wide-band O2 sensor, is used to tune each vehicle and optimize each engine to its own unique and exacting specifications. This is a part of our dedication to offering you the best street legal performance available for your vehicle without negatively affecting everyday drivability. You can trust us to offer the highest quality products for your pride and joy.

As a part of our premium service, we also offer three of the world’s top quality wheel brands; HRE, Forgeline, and ADV.1 And with our extensive knowledge of tires, we can offer you the best combination of performance and durability for your vehicle application with top tire brands including; Michelin, Falken, Nitto, Bridgestone and Goodyear.

Davenport is Canada’s only authorized Lingenfelter performance engineering dealer and we are the exclusive Alberta distributor for Brabus, Techart, Novitec, and Startech.
Our Mission Statement

At Davenport Motorsports, it is our objective to give you the customer proven performance with unrivaled quality.