Cliff Stevenson – Calgary Realtor Real Estate Video Calgary Realtor Real Estate Video – Cliff Stevenson is both an experienced Calgary REALTOR® and a student of the real estate industry.  With a focus on the latest technology available to real estate professionals for marketing and selling homes, Cliff educates and empowers clients with these tools, and has a proven track record to demonstrate their effectiveness. Finding Cliff and his video blog online is easy, but finding the MLS® listings he markets is even easier. This internet marketing focus has helped make Cliff become one of the top producing REALTORS® in Calgary. A 20 minute conversation with Cliff will help you understand what he means when he refers to ‘redefining service in real estate’.

Cliff Stevenson: Calgary Real Estate Agent and REALTOR®

Long before becoming a Calgary Real Estate Agent and REALTOR®

After graduating from the University of Regina with a BA in Economics, I moved to Calgary to work for one of those large companies that make you feel like a number…..and not much else. I knew Calgary was where I wanted to be having been born here, and having spent several summers here, but I knew the job I had was less then fulfilling.

In 2005 I decided to take the real estate course to gain further knowledge on the real estate process. I was involved in some investment groups, and I figured if we were going to work with an agent, I would like to know what they know. To be honest, I had no intention of finishing off the course and becoming a Calgary Real Estate Agent and REALTOR®. The summer of 2005 involved work during the week, and the real estate course on nights and weekends. During this time, I had several people suggest that I give them a call when I had my licence, and this is when I changed my mind. I would get my licence, and I would dabble as a Calgary Real Estate Agent and REALTOR® part-time.The tough part about real estate is that you are either in it, or you are just playing around. My clients needed me in it, and I wasn’t doing anyone any favours by playing around. So in March 2006, I left the big bad company that made me feel like a number (and really….nothing else), and I took the plunge into being a full-time Calgary Real Estate Agent and REALTOR®. I am happy and proud to say, that I have never looked back. I have had the privilege of working with some of the most amazing people I have ever met, and I am so thankful for the repeat business and referrals that drive my business.

I currently reside in Calgary with my wife and 2 children, and I have a passion for golf, volleyball, and Apple products.


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