Resonate Music – Music School & Studio Edmonton Online Video – Resonate Music School & Studio : Everyone has a song. Let us help you create it.™ Resonate Music School & Studio is taking  a new approach to teaching and recording music in the Edmonton Area. With our multiple sound-treated classrooms and affordable yet professional recording studio, we strive to bring an experience to our students and clients that is not only positive and engaging, but also memorable and rewarding. Our goal is to inspire, guide, and assist you in any way we can to brighten your musical future. Resonate provides a comfortable atmosphere where you can make yourself at home and escape life’s stresses. We want every lesson and session to be something you look forward to coming to.

Music Has Given Us So Much; We Want to Give Back.
Everyone who registers for a term with Resonate Music School will receive one complimentary hour of time in the Resonate Recording Studio. Registrants will also receive a discounted rate on any additional studio time and a coupon entitling them to two free music lessons in the following term. This means each student will have the opportunity to learn some of their favorite music from a certified Resonate Instructor, record it with our engineer and producer, and have it uploaded online to share with their friends and family. An experience unique to Resonate that is truly amazing for any aspiring musician.

Dear Parents: We Thought of You Too.
We appreciate that you’re busy and waiting in line to fill out registration forms is time consuming. You should be able to carry out this process at your leisure. With Resonate you can. You don’t even need to pick up the phone, as you can register in entirety right on our website any time, day or night. No, we don’t just mean you can print off a form in advance to save a few minutes when you come in. We mean you can choose from our class offerings, pick your desired payment method, and sign up for notification of events, all without leaving your own home. Of course, we’re happy to hear from you if you want to call in or come see us too, but we’ll leave your time in your hands.
Attention Artists and Bands!

You don’t need to be a registered student to benefit from great giveaways at Resonate Music School & Studio. Each month we hold an online draw that is open to the public. The winner receives three hours of studio time free of charge. Also, anyone who records with us will have an opportunity to have a spot in our store to sell their CD with no commissions or fees.

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