85% Find Success: Online Video Marketing

Online Video Marketing

online video marketing

Ascend2 conducts a monthly research series, and its most recent Online Video Marketing Strategy survey was conducted online and had 280 respondents, who are US and international marketing, sales and business professionals representing a range of demographic roles, channels and company sizes.

According to the report, the most important objective of an effective online video marketing strategy is to increase brand awareness. Other key objectives include: Increase online engagement, improve customer education, and increase leads generated.

85% of companies that found value in use online video marketing as a strategy. The remaining 15% are struggling to achieve success with video marketing.

What are the most challenging obstacles to video marketing success? According to Ascend2, lack of an effective strategy is the most challenging obstacle to video marketing success according to 48% of those surveyed. Other challenging obstacles include: Lack of compelling content, inadequate video budget, and lack of production resources.

About half of the marketers surveyed consider customer testimonials, explainer or tutorial videos, and demonstration videos the most effective types of online video content used. However, they were also asked, “What are the most difficult types of video content to create?” Customer testimonials and project reviews/case studies topped that chart.

Online video marketing effectiveness is increasing for 87% of respondents, with 43% saying the increase is significant.

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