Facebook Video Ads Taking On YouTube

FACEBOOK VIDEO ADS: a game changer


Facebook is stepping up it’s video ad game in a big way. The social media giant has announced advertisers will only be charged if a video is viewed for at least 10 seconds vs being charged after a video would auto-play in the newsfeed for at least 3 seconds.


This, compared to YouTube‘s 30-second rule has recently resulted in Facebook video ads getting way more views vs those published on YouTube.


Facebook insists its video ads provide value the moment they’re displayed, but the platform has opened up to the 10-second option because of feedback from advertising partners.  Facebook notes Nielsen research proving that video ads have value even if consumers view Facebook video ads for less than 10 seconds — noting powerful brand awareness increases.


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Facebook Cranking Up The Heat On YouTube – Marketing Land


The massive potential for online video advertising growth has made competition more stiff among key players in recent months. Other social platforms are also starting to move heavily into video advertising too: Twitter recently announced its own video ad product, and will only charge advertisers if 100% of the video appears on a user’s screen for a minimum of 3 seconds.


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