YouTube Launches 6-Second “Bumper” Video Ads

YouTube has added a short-form video ad option to its lineup. Called Bumper ads, the six-second videos are available through AdWords and sold on a CPM basis.

Google is presenting Bumper ads as an add-on to traditional TrueView or Google Preferred campaigns. The short snippets are meant to complement the broader messaging and help extend the reach of a campaign.

Atlantic Records was among the pilot testers that combined Bumper ads with a TrueView campaign to promote an album launch. The company used Bumper ads to spotlight individual guest performers featured on the album, while the longer TrueView ads featured more about the album and the band. “When used in conjunction, TrueView plus Bumpers really work more effectively than either format on its own,” Fiona Byers, senior marketing manager of Atlantic Records/Warner Music Group told Google.

Audi tested Bumpers as a way to serialize its TrueView video ads, cutting up the longer format into six-second snippets.

The short ads will appear before videos and won’t be skippable.

Google says Bumper ads will be available in May for advertisers with access to account managers.

via MarketingLand