Online Video Watching In US Hits Record

Americans watched a record number of videos on the Internet in April with the average U.S. Internet user viewing 6.4 hours of online video during the month.

Altogether the U.S. Internet audience watched almost 16.8 billion videos on the Web in April, up 16 percent from 14.5 billion videos March, according to comScore Video Metrix, a tracker of Internet user statistics. Nearly 152 million U.S. Internet users watched an average of 110.7 videos during the month with the average online video lasting 3.5 minutes.

Not surprisingly, Google’s YouTube remained the leading site for Internet video viewing. More than 6.8 billion videos ” 40.7 percent of all the videos watched on the Web ” were on Google sites and YouTube accounted for nearly all of them, comScore said. That 6.8 billion figure represented a 15-percent increase from March.

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