“AUDI DRIVE” … It’s Your Turn Calgary! – Calgary Video

Calgary Video: “AUDI DRIVE” … It’s Your Turn Calgary!

Are you ready to get your Audi Drive on, Calgary?

In the fourth edition of our passion-fueled “Audi Drive”  videos, we hear from one of our great Audi customers who shares his passions for this great city… as well as some of his great business success tips & we find out how his Audi fits into his lifestyle. “My Audi A4 is there for waiting for my next ride; my customers understand that the brand promise of Audi is something I try to capture in my business.”

Audi Drive… its YOUR turn!

The Spring has Vorsprung Sales Event is now on at Glenmore Audi & Royal Oak Audi dealerships in Calgary. With savings of $2750 on every instock model and low finance and lease rates… it’s time to get your Audi Drive on in Calgary.


Calgary Video

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via Online Shoppers Love Video Ads – Business Insider.