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71% Marketers: Video Converts Best

 A new study based on feedback from marketers, confirms that video has been found to convert better than other forms of digital content, with 71% saying online video performs better for them than text and images.

86% of those surveyed in the report from Vidyard and Ascend2, “Video Content Marketing: Identifying Metrics and Measuring Impact” also confirmed that they were seeing very positive engagement rates from using video, while 69% of respondents indicated that video had been a good vehicle for lead generation.

95% of respondents to the survey confirmed that video was an important and valuable form of marketing content. The overwelming majority indicated that video was far more important now than it had ever been, with another 32% acknowledging it was somewhat more important. None of those polled (from a pool that were using video as part of their marketing campaigns) said that video wasn’t important to them.

How well does video perform compared to other types of content at generating conversions (sales, downloads etc) for organizations? 71% confirmed that video was better at driving conversions than other type of content, with a further 27% indicating that it held its own. Only 2% of those polled said that video wasn’t performing as well as it should for them.

Brands and companies that are using a combination of self-hosting, and exposure on other websites, like YouTube, are seeing the greatest Return on Investment (ROI) for their video marketing efforts. Only 11% were choosing to host videos exclusively on their own properties, while 43% were exclusively posting content to external platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.

In terms of ROI, publication to a brand-owned property, plus an external portal such as YouTube, provided the best investment return, particularly if there were 51+ videos being created per year.