The Trick to Marketing Your Business

 is the primary challenge of every business. A brilliant idea will fail if it is not marketed correctly. Online marketing tactics such as , social media marketing have created low-cost alternatives to effectively market a  using advantages in .

As customers increasingly adopt technology in every aspect of their lives, the goal for marketers should be to find the best channels to connect with those people.

Here’s the trick: The ones that adapt faster win. As more and more marketers realize these advantages, the media channels become crowded and customers become blind to marketing. That’s why marketing is a constant game of change, and those who stay ahead of the curve win.

After featured snippets,  rank on top. “More and more, Google is favoring YouTube videos in search results alongside web pages,” Johnson of Nomad Paradise says. “If you don’t currently market on YouTube, it’s worth producing video purely for this reason. Your core focus doesn’t need to be growth on the YouTube platform, because these videos are purely for embedment in web pages and search engine ranking.”

Just like you find keywords with low competition to rank for, you can find keywords relevant to your business with few or no YouTube videos and make videos for them. Your videos also need to be optimized. “The first part is the optimization of the title and the video descriptions… The second and equally important part is to use closed captions. Not only will they make it easier for a portion of the population to consume your content, but they will also make your videos rich in keywords. The more keywords, the easier it will be to rank for your desired terms in Google.”

In 2020, video is a crucial medium. Faster network communications make video consumption easier, and platforms are increasingly favoring video content.

It seems that video is one of the major mediums marketers must utilize in 2020, as many of the techniques (including SEO) involve video marketing. This makes sense and will likely grow as younger audiences favor video over text. If you adopt a video marketing strategy for 2020, you will have a lead and can connect with your audience on many platforms.

Other than video, have an eye out for new technologies and trends. Checking which apps are trending on the app stores on a weekly basis is a good start. New technologies are constantly being developed to make life and work more convenient for people. Adapting to change and staying ahead of the curve is key for effective marketing.