How To Go Viral

How To Go Viral

Have you always wondered how some of those great brand videos rack up millions of views and shares and comments from all over the world?
Watch + learn to discover the secret that more often than not serves as the initial spark behind most branded viral videos.More on “How To Go Viral”:

Everyone wants to “go viral”

This has come up too many times with potential clients not to talk about.

Client: “I want my video to go viral”.

Us: “Of course you do. Millions of views and fans from all over the world engaging with and sharing with your branded video sounds great!”
Client: “You know those Old Spice Ads? I want to do something like that. I really want to “go viral.”

Us: “Ok… let’s start with your budget.”

Client: “I have about $500.”

Here’s the hard truth about branded ‘viral videos’: Most of them include budgets for paid campaigns.

There’s no such thing as a lot of exposure… for free. Bottom line – you have to have a plan… and you have to pay.

The reality is that any video content worth producing should have a budget built in to promote it. There needs to be a good marketing and distribution strategy to make sure the right people see it.
Even if there was some magic formula that that saw a business upload one YouTube Video or Facebook Video and have it go crazy… if you’re a local business, think about it: what would a viral video do for your local brand anyway? If you hit the wrong audience, it won’t even generate the right kind of awareness which is what leads to sales.

You’re better off creating great videos for your target audience, getting valuable views vs hits from people who would never, ever do business with you anyway.

So… next time you think you need to ‘go viral’ … instead, aim for ‘value’….

The starting point is always great strategy and great content.

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