Looking to Hire? Recruit The Best With Video

The typical recruiting process is inefficient. This is the best explanation for why so many recruiters are turning to platforms like Facebook to Pinterest and beyond to source candidates. In 2011 the average cost per hire was $5,054, and the traditional recruiting process takes an average of 45 days to fill a position. This is a lot of time and money disappearing. Is it any wonder why more recruiters are looking at the popularity and usefulness of online video?

According to comScore’s 2012 US Digital Future In Focus report, 105.1 million Americans are watching online videos every day. Another recent study showed 56% of people are watching online videos at least once a month on their mobile devices. With the amount and portability of online video, recruiters have begun to look at the benefits of this technology.

Recruiters should take advantage of this growth in online video to shorten the hiring process and find great people. What are some ways recruiters can get hiring faster with the power of the smallest screen? Below, we’ve outlined a few ways to use video in the recruiting process.

Brand Your Company

Video can be a great way to brand your company as a fun, innovative place to work. Interested job seekers want to know more about the company culture and what life would be like as an employee. The small paragraph at the bottom of your job description might be fine to give job seekers a taste, but it doesn’t tell them all that much. With video, you can give a clearer picture of the company values and what day to day life in the workplace looks like.

Enhance the Job Description

Sometimes the traditional job description can be a bit lacking. Maybe because job seekers are usually just looking at a list of skills and attributes with little background information. Recruiters can now use video to put a more personal touch on the job description. In less time than it would take to draft an exhaustive list of qualifications, recruiters can record a video discussing the position, the company and the attributes of the ideal job seeker. Putting a face on the company will engage prospective hires while at the same time portray more information in a shorter amount of time.

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