Underground Tap & Grill

Edmonton-Online-Video-Production-Underground-Tap-Grill-BizBOXTVwww.undergroundtapandgrill.com Edmonton Online Video : Underground Tap and Grill – Edmonton’s First Authentic Craft Beer Lounge

Right in the heart of downtown Edmonton, ‘The Underground Tap & Grill’ boasts Edmonton’s most eclectic draft selection with a menu that compliments the wide range of craft beer on offer. When you have 72 craft beers on tap, it’s pretty hard to find the brew meant for you, but have no fear, The Underground’s got your back. To guide you in your quest for beer perfection, we’ve split our unique draft list into 4 different levels. If you’re new to craft beer, you’ll find plenty of quality brews in the 100 level that won’t overpower your taste buds. On the other hand, if you don’t get out of bed for anything less than an 8% beer that smacks you in the face with taste and complexity, you’ll feel more at home in the 400’s. No matter which level you think you belong in, remember that it’s important to experiment, as comfort zones are for the weak. Cheers!

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