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You know who you are.  You believe in living life to its fullest. You believe that each moment is precious. You know that it’s the soul behind the facade that makes something eternally cool, whether a work of art, a place to live, or a moment in your day. You believe in styles, not fads; grand movements, not sassy trends.

Be a part of Calgary’s first truly downtown residential tower.

A LaCaille Development

If you’ve lived in Calgary, you’ve heard of LaCaille. If you haven’t, just ask around. LaCaille means quality. The La Caille name started out as a restaurant – a respected fine dining establishment and arguably the best one in the city. Starting in the 1990s, the LaCaille group expanded its focus to include high-end residential and commercial development projects. Notable developments include West Market Square, Chateau LaCaille, LaCaille Parke Place, the Five West Towers and Solaire.