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Providing the necessary conditions for your work place to flourish, FitMetabolism’s Workplace Wellness Program is based on the scientific model of ASSESS, PRESCRIBE, COACH, acalgary business video production bizboxtv fit metabolismnd REASSESS. The objective focus of the program is to transform the health of employees while infusing the workplace with an uplifting culture of health.

Providing premier service without the worry of travel time, our Workplace Wellness Program is delivered on-site to your corporation.

What people Are Saying: “FitMetabolism’s approach to high-end coaching based on science, revolutionized the health of our company. With lowering our biological age through manageable lifstyle change we were each able to function at a much higher capacity than before. The culture of our entire company shifted towards improved health, making the workplace environment more positive and productive.”

Clients include or have included:

NAL Energy Corporation
Bearspaw Christian School
Palliser Lumber
Stepper Custom Homes
Regent Resources Ltd.
Gaia Collaborative Medicine

“We were having a bit of a problem getting people into the fitness/preventative side of the health equation.”

It’s a common dilemma. Calgary-based companies frequently want to employ a corporate health program, but have run into roadblocks with their past efforts. Even if you’ve historically been unable to get buy-in from your staff, the Corporate FitMethod can work for you.

This clear, well-defined and proven process is 100% customized to meet the needs — and desires — of your team. Because it’s easy, fun and it delivers immediately noticeable results, the Corporate FitMethod regularly brings close to 100% voluntary participation.

With a nutrition, exercise and healthy-body focus, the Corporate FitMethod takes your entire staff through three vital phases:

1. Ignite – A risk-free way to pique employee interest and gauge their willingness to participate.

2. Transform – A two-phase program of customizable length geared toward progressing your people through the fastest and most effective ways to lose weight and get healthy for life. Choose from 6 to 18 months.

Phase 1 –Nutrition – Individual assessments are conducted onsite that allow us to develop personalized nutrition, cardio & healthy-body programs for each employee. Accountability and reassessments are included to show results.

Phase 2 – Exercise – While continuing to adhere to their individual nutrition plans, your group will move into a second phase that focuses on exercise & fitness. Just as with the nutrition phase, each person will be assessed and given a customized exercise plan developed just for them. Accountability and reassessments are included to show results.

3. Cultivate – Ongoing support and accountability in the areas of exercise, nutrition and habit change are provided to cultivate and engrain your staff’s new lifestyles.