4 Reasons Why Law Firms Need Lawyer Videos

Whether it is attorney TV commercials, client testimonials or interviews your attorneys have given to news sources, lawyer videos are valuable pieces of a comprehensive lawyer Internet marketing campaign.

Once the law firm TV commercials have aired and run their course, and the testimonials have already been replaced with more current ones, they usually end up on the shelf collecting dust. But, law firms need to dust off and re-purpose those lawyer videos, because believe it or not, they may still be relevant and can be an important component of a successful attorney web video marketing campaign. By publishing your lawyer videos on video sharing sites and on your lawyer website, your visibility on the Internet grows, allowing for more avenues for your law firm to be found, and for keeping potential clients on your lawyer website longer.

Incorporating these lawyer videos into a robust attorney Internet marketing campaign, which includes attorney Web video marketing, can serve a bigger purpose in your law firm’s marketing efforts, which include:

• Secure Additional Page 1 Search Engine Rankings With Optimized Lawyer Videos: Long gone are the days of just simply optimizing your attorney website to achieve page 1 ranking on search engines. Now you can now optimize anything from images to articles to more importantly—lawyer videos—which you can upload onto video sharing sites like YouTube. Understanding where the Internet traffic is, and how to optimize your lawyer videos is where you need the help of an experienced lawyer marketing company. Failing to identify the top performing terms and keywords can result in your lawyer video to be hidden in the Internet clutter. By incorporating optimized lawyer videos and optimized press releases and images in your comprehensive lawyer Internet marketing campaign, your law firm can be found in more than one top position on search engine result pages.

• Increases Potential Client Engagement on your Lawyer Website: Consumers would rather watch lawyer videos than read paragraph after paragraph of text on your attorney website. By incorporating a lawyer video onto select pages of your law firm’s website, consumers can learn way more about your law firm in the time it could take them to actually read the entire page of your lawyer website. This keeps the potential client engaged and hopefully from clicking off your lawyer website.

• Lowers the Bounce Rate of your Lawyer Website: If people are engaged while on your attorney website—because of the lawyer videos—your lawyer website bounce rate will drop. The lawyer videos will hold potential clients’ attention and may even pique their interest even further, causing them to visit other areas of your lawyer website and ultimately pick up the phone to call and speak to one of your lawyers.

• Builds Attorney Credibility and Law Firm Branding: Putting a face to the law firm name helps to ease a potential client’s apprehension and help build a sense of confidence in your law firm. By producing quality lawyer Web videos, your law firm can actually build its lawyer Internet brand while building your credibility among consumers. Lets face it, if your law firm has created high production value lawyer videos people will feel more confident in your law firm than they would the other attorney who produced sub-par lawyer videos.

via New York Injury News