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Brand Journalism™ is not about story-boarding or scripting, it's about asking questions, getting answers, and weaving content together to produce an interesting and useful story. The benefits of combining the approaches of traditional journalism and brand storytelling is obvious. It's something we've called "Brand Journalism" since day one, and it's picking up speed as the new-media world continues to evolve, along with consumers' habits. Brand Journalism is about facts and balance. It's about telling an engaging story, and the goal is to educate rather than blatantly market. This way, viewers are informed, and they become engaged with your business and its mission.

3 easy stepstell your story via video


First we uncover your unique story and craft your messaging to best resonate with your target audience.


We film on-location; as little as 1 hour for single videos to half/full day shoots for multi-video packages.


More magic happens in post-production & in 7 days or less you put your video to use. We can also accommodate faster turnarounds.

We've worked with thousands of businesses just like yours!

Creating Brand Journalism-style stories about your business makes your audience want to know more, because they are professionally told stories that don't come across like blatant marketing or advertising content. It's about offering real & interesting stories they can relate to. There are huge benefits to providing professional video content that educates and informs, and it's easy to measure the return on investment. How many views did it get? Was it shared? Did it spark conversation? As the public and businesses become increasingly "social," Brand Journalism can make communicating with consumers more interesting. Businesses that do it well can create a huge competitive advantage, while increasing their credibility and relevancy in the marketplace.
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